Tablo loading during live broadcast

I can be watching a live broadcast and my tablo hdmi will begin “loading” all of the sudden, as if I were streaming from the internet. Is this normal?

My first thought is that you might have a hard drive or (if the drive is external) a USB cable issue.

The network Tablos can view live TV without a hard drive attached. As a test you could try temporarily (meaning an hour or so) watching live TV with no hard drive attached. If the buffering stops then the hard drive may be having problems.

This is assuming you are watching direct HDMI to TV and not via a Fire Stick or Roku. If via a client, your network may be getting congested causing the buffering (the HDMI records and plays back at full broadcast resolution).

Thanks, I’ll try that. Not streaming at all, coming straight from antenna, to tablo, to tv. I have a brand new external drive connected via usb cable. I’ll disconnect it for awhile and see what happens.