Tablo Lite with only Cloud DVR possible?

Newbie here. I just bought Tablo Lite. Since it comes with the beta cloud storage I was not planning to invest in a hard drive until I was sure I could get my channels, good format, etc. I set up a trial recording but it says the “recording failed because the hard drive was full.” My settings show that I have 40 GB available on the Cloud DVR, so I’m confused. Did I need to connect a hard drive regardless? And if so, how would it know to use the cloud instead of the hard drive? Thanks for any clues.

Have you opted into the Tablo CLOUD trial period? You should’ve been prompted during setup. The trial opt-in should also be displayed in the Settings screen of the Tablo apps(s) - can you show us what this looks like on your end?

Don’t hesitate to send us a ticket to work with us directly.

Thank you for getting back to me. I had not been prompted about the Cloud during setup. However I called your support this morning and they told me to click on the subscription area in settings. That took me to the place to opt in. I’d assumed the subscription was for the guide and had not investigated that yet.

So in retrospect the odd thing was that the phone app looked as though I already had the beta cloud, while the desktop app did not. All is well now however. I did a test recording and it did great. I’m quite pleased so far. I may add my own hard drive at a later time. But for now I’m content to play with it as is. Again, thanks for your help.

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The 30-day trial of the guide data subscription is automatically enabled when you set up your Tablo.

We didn’t want to auto-enable the Cloud DVR beta for two reasons:

  • Not everyone will want to use Cloud storage - many folks will likely add their own USB hard drive
  • Cloud DVR storage uses your internet bandwidth to upload/stream recordings, so if you’ve got a tight datacap with your ISP, we didn’t want to have people accidentally incur overages without understanding the implications

Glad everything is sorted out for you though! Enjoy your new Tablo!

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My cloud service is grey out why ?

It looks like you have a hard drive attached. You can either use Cloud storage or a hard drive, just not both.

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I got it work unplug the power plug it back in