Tablo lite dual playing audio from two tuners at once

Tablo Lite Dual is a week and a half old. Updated firmware, have external HD and we use Firesticks on all three Tv’s.
Occasionally when we change channels the station that we thought we were leaving is still playing audio.
This has me scratching my head.
I have tried unplugging, resetting… both the firestick and the Tablo to no avail… but then out of the blue it rights itself.
Any ideas?

I would contact Tablo Support, could be defective hardware.

Might be hard to replicate, but see if you can get it to happen on your PC,

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We’ve heard some very rare reports of this happening on Fire TV sticks. Have you tried factory resetting one of the Fire TV sticks to see if this helps? If it doesn’t resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to contact our support team: