Tablo listing shows I can't get

Just recently in the Tablo guide I am seeing tons of shows that are not on any of the channels I get. They will either show cover art and description of the show but say “0 episodes” or they show an episode listed but it says “on channel…” Then it’s just blank and can’t set to record. Any ideas how to get these out of my program guide? I have tried rescanning and readding my channels but it did not help. Here is an example:

There is an episode of Aquarius set to play on Aug 22 on NBC. So you should be getting data for it.

You may just want to try to update the program guide and see if they repopulate.

@snowcat that’s the weird thing! I don’t even get NBC. I’m in Canada and not close enough to the border to pick it up. And it’s not just that one. There are probably 50ish shows showing up that I can’t get like that one. All kinds of ones for various local news programs in the US that I can’t get. I have tried doing the program guide update but made no difference

Now that is interesting. I would go ahead and submit a ticket to the Tablo folks to have them look at it. It definitely should not be doing that.

I did an update of the android Tablo app and the problem went away so I guess that fixed it!