Tablo listed as "idle" in Google Wifi

I have my Tablo set up via wifi using my Google wifi 3 pack configuration. I confirmed the Tablo device (listed by Google as “unknown device”) by verifying the static IP address that was cited on my Roku as being the same as the IP address assigned to what Google had listed as an “unknown” device. I note that the MAC address listed on the bottom of the Tablo device is not the same as the MAC address that the wifi is using? The other quirk, that I am curious about, is that whenever I go into my Google wifi app to monitor how the system is working, the Tablo device always appears to be listed as “Idle” (both downloading and uploading) even while I am watching and/or recording something on Tablo? Does anyone have any insight into this?

It’s probably only reporting traffic to/from the internet, not local lan. You could force a guide update and see what happens.

Excellent response. Makes total sense. Thank you.

That is correct. Google Wi-Fi reports the external traffic with the net, not the LAN. Unless using commercial skip, the Tablo does not use a lot of external data…just for the guide and thumbnails. Mine has used 526 Mb in 30 days.