Tablo limit recordings per show

We have been seeing a number of our shows recording more then the limit we set. Any ideas?

New shows will be recorded. Excess shows (over the limit) are deleted during nightly processing, I think. Do you still have excess shows the next day?

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Also if any of the episodes are incomplete, those don’t count toward the # of episodes…

For example, had storms one night and our nightly news had signal problems which caused it to end about 6 minutes before the scheduled time.

Even though it was mostly there, it did not get logged as 100% complete so we ended up with one extra episode on our list UNTIL that recording was the oldest and the Tablo righted itself (it deleted that recording AND the first COMPLETE recording, getting us back to the correct number).

They’re actually deleted when the next recording for that series is completed.

But @Daniel454 might be on to something with the ‘incomplete’ recordings.

@Phil_Irminger - What shows are you seeing this on?

Good to know. I thought I had read the other at one time, must have remembered wrong.

@FlyingDiver No worries… I recall that as well and had to double check w/ our firmware team.