Tablo Lifeless after 2.2.10 Firmware Upgrade

Upgraded to 2.2.10 and my Tablo DVR is all but dead. I’ve tried all recommend toubleshooting steps may times. It no longer connects via ethernet nor broadcasts wifi for setup. The recycle/reset button seems disabled. I’ve opened a ticket and after a quick flurry of responses from the Tablo team, I haven’t heard anything for 2 business days. The wife is now missing shows which jeopardizes my cord cutting strategy :frowning: Any suggestions from the community? Anyway to do a hard reset of the device w/o the reset button being functional? I’ve only been using it since January, I’m very disappointed.

I would suggest you call @TabloSupport I know their ticketing system will drop you to the bottom of the queue under different circumstances.

1-844-822-5688 (Toll free in the US & Canada )

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@pmquack - Sorry to hear that. I checked with the team and they’ll be in touch shortly to get this patched up for you.

Just a note - they may not have reached out yesterday because you’d followed up. Because we work on a first-in-first-out system, this can unintentionally move you down in the queue.

Sam at Tablo support squared me away. I’m on the previous firmware, but I’m up and running and the wife can catch her shows :slight_smile: