Tablo LED Blinking for 20min at 3AM

I cannot find any mention of something like this in the forum. For the past two nights, around 3AM I noticed the LED on the Tablo slowly blinking for about 20 minutes. Then it goes back to steady blue. I checked my recordings and live TV in the morning and all appeared to be working normally.

Connected to network by Ethernet. It is on a UPS so not a power issue.

What would cause this?


Searching through Google, rather than the forum I found this link:

“Around 3-4 AM local time the Tablo updates its guide - but it’s doing quite a bit of maintenance and file system clearing as well. It waits until this time to do this in order not to slow down user operations.”

So I guess, Tablo thinks I should not be up that time of night and would not notice it otherwise :wink:

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You can turn off the LED in settings.