Tablo leave on?

Hi everyone just got my Tablo today and was so easy to get it going I have the one that has HDMI to the TV have over 40 over the air channels it has pickup up . What a unit also have the app on Roku what bonus is that can watch recorded programs no commercials on all my TVs that have Roku very happy with this unit Got a question do you leave it on all the time even if not using ???


I don’t have an HDMI unit, I have a network Tablo, but short of power outages it’s been on 24/7 for 4+ years.

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thank you for your reply good to know


They recommend leaving it on all the time as there is nightly maintenance it

unless you want to make sure you turn it on in time to record programs?
A DVR kind of needs to be ready to record when ever a scheduled program is broadcast, that’s how you use it. So you’re never really not using it.

The Tablo HDMI consumes slightly less power than Tablo Network DVRs.
Low Power - Idle state (no active recordings, nothing being watched) = 5 -6 Watts
Max Power - Normal Use (4 active recordings, 1 channel being watched) = 8-9 Watts
These figures do not include the power consumed by attached USB hard drives.

It’s likely the benefits of it being ready to record will be worth the minuscule expense. (nothing is free)

Thanks everyone wasn’t worried about the power usage just t maybe overheating etc .

Given the power usage idle vs normal use …it’s more likely to get hotter while “in use”.

I understand power [usage] equates to heat [generated]. May be more beneficial than realized :wink:

Not so much HDMI model, there’s a lot of talk about getting too hot - while tablo insist it’s within specs and I believe there’s a post the device shuts down if/when it exceeds it’s max.