Tablo Kindle app APK

Tablo, while we wait for your Fire TV app, can we have the APK for the Kindle app so we can sideload to Fire TV. Thanks.


You can use the APK file for the Android Web app on the Fire TV. You can download the APK yourself from the Google Play store. Sideload it just like you sideload any other apps.

See this thread for more info:

What I’m having trouble with is downloading the APK. Tried, but not letting me grab.

Use this in your Chrome browser on your computer:

Your Device ID may actually be your GSF ID.

That’s the issue - unless I have a device registered that will handle the apk file, Play won’t let me download. It says no compatible device or words to that effect. Amazon is worse, but play can be nasty when trying to grab things it “thinks” won’t work for you. 

I wish these places would let ME decide what I want to download.

If you have any Android device, either a tablet or a smartphone you can download the Tablo Web app APK from the Google Play store.

Only have Amazon Kindle HDX, so don’t think it has the necessary ‘Google’ device ID. Thanks for your suggestions though.


That is likely if you don’t have an Android device. Amazon devices uses Fire OS. Either way, I PM’d you a link to APK file I downloaded.


Do you want the android tablo app?

Download from those sites at your own risk. I would only trust the Google Play store.

Guess people are getting desperate for a Fire TV solution.

Absolutely. I only use 1mobile if needed plus you can also scan it on virus total for android malware.

2/53 score


Thanks guys. Just need as a stop-gap as hopefully the official app will be out this quarter as indicated.