Tablo keeps going back to nenu

I have a Samsung Smart Tv and Roku. Tablo will display the menu, etc. When i go to watch a show it only stays on for maybe 2 mins then goes back to menu. Doesnt matter the channel. Is there a simple fix or does this have to be sent back?

I had the same problem, but it was corrected once the latest Tablo App firmware was installed (2.2.47)

I’ve only had Tablo for a few days now, but I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times and I do have the latest firmware. It hasn’t happened to me with the local (over the air channels) but has happened on the free streaming channels. I’m wondering if it happens to you on both.

What Roku streaming device model are you using and what Firmware version is it using? (Settings, System, About)?

I first noticed the "“Tablo App crashes to Roku Home screen after 2-3 minutes” when my Roku updated Firmware to version 12.5.0. Others reported having similar problems too (just do a search on 12.5.0 and you can see past dialog on this subject).

When the Tablo Firmware update 2.2.27 came out, the announcement didn’t specifically say it corrected this problem. However, several of us just found that the problem went away after updating the Tablo to 2.2.27 so we assumed that the Tablo programmers fixed the problem.

It sounds like maybe this problem hasn’t completely gone away like we thought.

Firmware is up to date

Nope and this is frustrating. I am sending it back. Not worth figuring it out

My Roku is at v12.5.0 and my 4th genTablo is at v2.2.47 so the problem doesn’t seem to be completely solved in the latest firmware.

It would be a good idea to send in a request to the Tablo Support team and let them know what you are experiencing. This problem really makes the Tablo unusable and they really need to figure out what’s causing this with the Roku Tablo App.

I thought the support team monitored this forum.

I believe they do, but typically if they make any comments it’s usually to ask you to put in a support request in. My guess is that this is a more formal process (with tracking #) so they can assign it to the appropriate technical team for resolution.