Tablo jumps to the beginning of the episode when I un-pause

I am using tablo with apple TV. When I un-pause in live TV my program jumps back to the beginning. When i try to fast forward back to where I was watching it will not let me. It acts like the button is stuck on rewind. This does not happen with recorded content or with any other app on my apple tv.

I don’t have Apple TV, but to watch Live TV, can you select the channel, instead of the broadcasted program?
Live TV features behave differently on my Rokus, depending on which one is selected.

The yellow circled area is the channel selection I’m talking about:

Same problem with my Apple TV. I reported the problem to Tablo a few times with increasing details, but no solution in sight.

Me too. Problem is, it doesn’t happen every time, so it’s hard to reproduce and fix. I see it only when I first start a program, and then only about 1 in 20 times.

I think the problem happens when I pause and I cross over the next program on the schedule. Then, I lose control.