Tablo issue or Roku?


So, in my Tablo app on all Roku’s in my house (we have 4), in Recordings, I can see tiles for shows without episodes, and some for shows that have been cancelled. How can I determine if this is an issue with Tablo, or my Roku’s?


Use the tablo WEB browser and check the recordings. The WEB browser uses the HTML app and Roku the RestFullAPI’s.

I have seen a recording missing on Roku and original Fire TV app during it’s recording but show up once it’s completed.

But since there a ton of Roku models you would need to indicate which model.


This is an intended feature. If you want to remove those shows, just delete their schedules. The idea is that a show on summer hiatus may not have any episodes for a while, but when the fall season starts up again, you don’t have to re-add that show back, since it is already there.

There is just no way for the Tablo to know whether a show will ever come back or not. That is up to the user.


I may be misunderstanding but I think this is the difference, it’s in the Recordings area, not the Scheduled area.

Having said that, I’m going by my own experience and I delete stuff after watching it. Maybe they are just meaning watched but not deleted? If all episodes are deleted I wouldn’t expect the tile to still display in Recordings.



Thank you very much for responding. After seeing the recommendation about using the Tablo Web App, I decided to try that. Also, I checked my Sling TV app and compared it to what I’m seeing on my Roku. Since the web apps are clean and do not display the tiles for these shows, I’ve determined that the issue is with Roku and not Tablo. Thank you very much for your suggestions as I now have a better idea where to look for an answer.