Tablo is completely unreliable

We were able to track down some of the crashes in @tgwaste’s logs, but unfortunately they did not appear to correlate with any Ethernet drive activity or issues. @tgwaste if you continue to see this issue, keep your dialogue with our support team open. We can quickly log back into your unit to identify the root cause of the behaviour.

@mostlychris It’s hard to say without taking a look. If you’re still seeing this behaviour, give our support team a shout and we can take a look.

This has happened to me on and off ever since I got my tablo. I don’t know why. It works really well when it does. But then i’ll lose connectivity and have to go through cycles of re-boots to get it back. For what it’s worth, it seems to happen most commonly after long periods (week+) where I don’t log on to the tablo myself.

Good luck with them honoring the warranty. I’ve had numerous issues with the connection on it. They verified even though it was hard wired it showed up as WiFi. I do have the latest firmware. Eventually it did show hard wired but according to them it’s an issue on my end not covered by warranty.

I am having the same issues! I’ve been dealing with it for more than 2 YEARS! I am beginning to think it is junk. Hope I am wrong

Just tried to watch mine. Noticed it was locked up again. Two days of shows missed.

I should had just kept cable. $400 for unreliable crap.

You had 30 days in which to test it and return it when it wouldn’t work.

@tgwaste Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time of it. The support team would be happy to take look at the logs.

Perhaps if we had a way to monitor the device as I’ve been trying to determine in my other thread here:

We could figure out what, when and why devices are locking up? I’ve had to reset mine twice since I’ve had it cause it just quits responding but you don’t know it until you go to actually watch something.

Whats port does tablo use for web connections and the like ?

Looks like its just port 80…


here is a very crude python script to monitor (from another box on your network):

  • edit tabloIp

  • edit email

  • make a cronjob: @hourly root /path/to/

#!/usr/bin/python -B

import commands, socket


sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
result = sock.connect_ex((tabloIp,80))

if result != 0:
  commands.getstatusoutput('echo "tablo is down" | mail -s "tablo alert" ' + email)

Yes, the Tablo responds on port 80 but from what I’ve been reading and seeing most of the communications for stuff occurs on port 18080.

I’m actually doing something similar using Nagios and the check_http plugin.

check_http -H -p 18080 -s “Nuvyyo Tablo Server”

This does an HTTP GET to the Tablo on port 18080 and parses the output for the string (-s) indicated. If it doesn’t get that string it trips an error and the Nagios system notifies me.

What I want to do is more though as I’m not sure if this web service responds or not when the Tablo locks up as you have been seeing and I have noticed myself twice since I’ve had mine (purchased in February). I’m hoping there is a way to exercise the device or something through a call and get back something parseable to check against, something that says hey, I’m working and all is good.

I’m hoping maybe @TabloSupport or @TabloTV would chime in and comment about the possibility.