Best way to monitor a Tablo device?

I don’t see an explanation of how you would ensure that the tablo can record an episode, play Live TV, play a recording, detect if the disk is connected, or for those media players that need a WAN connection a WAN is functional.

This is a decades old problem that most large enterprise software can only solve by supplying administration applications that monitor the internal functioning of various product components.

Yes you are correct but it’s a start and at least something more then hoping it’s working.

Also, if we can figure out more of the API perhaps we can determine how to check just those things but we won’t know till we try.

This is how monitoring starts. Back in the day it was ping and it’s evolved into what it is now. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. There will always be gaps, but we aren’t talking a mission critical tier 1 app - although I’m sure if a certain show doesn’t record there might be a BIG escalation :wink: At the end of the day, it’s just TV.

Agreed that yes at the end of the day it’s just TV and such and there are other ways to get missing shows (Sickrage).

I was looking at this more from a knowledge base so that information about frequency and such could be used when talking to tech support. Also so that we could possibly remote reset the unit.

I don’t think anyone should think that tablo is a mission critical product. But you have to have some expectations of what you are trying to build.

Of course if you like to tinker then have at it and come back and explain what the 3rd party product does and doesn’t do.

Thanks @zippy. My hope was to get input from the folks here that know Tablo better then me so I could get ideas on how to accomplish this.

My expectations are pretty simple. Have a way to track and log when the Tablo stops responding and perhaps recording and be able to possibly reset it.

Hey @TabloSupport or @TabloTV, any suggestions or thoughts on this?


@Spunky03 It may be best for you to join the development community. This way, you can get access to endpoints and/or solicit existing third-party developers on building a tool like this.

I wasn’t trying to build a tool or anything but to determine the best way to monitor the device with exiting monitoring systems like Nagios.

There’s a fairly simple unprotected call you can make that returns a basic JSON string that you can probably use for status. If may have to write your own nagios plugin to check for that though.

I’ll look it up and post tonight.

That’s not a problem. I write them all the time for stuff I need to monitor. :wink:

Thanks again. At this point anything would help.


He didn’t seem to like this one when I posted it…

Not true @CycleJ, I thanked you for it and said it’s a good start. Just looking to see if there is something more

Wasn’t trying to be disparaging, but suspect @cjcox will suggest the same link (jogging his memory).

This link should tell you that your Tablo is awake and “sane”, and can retrieve the recording list from internal storage. It won’t tell you if the external drive is working. But it’s a start. I’ve got a copy of the API doc in front of me, and there’s nothing “quick/easy” that tells you more.

PS: if you take @tablosupport up on their offer to join the developer’s group, you’d get access to the API docs, and perhaps could add more info into your Nagios plugin? There are several API methods that return some good info :yum:

Thanks, I just might do that.

Is there a link or something where I need to go?

I think you just need to ask @TabloSupport. The API methods use REST over HTTP and should be easy to invoke from your plugin. I suspect you’ll like what you see.

Hey, @TabloSupport can I get information about getting into the development community?

No, don’t let him in. That would be like letting the bull into the china shop :ox:

Myth Busters demonstrated bulls are actually quite gentle in a china shop. :slight_smile:
Let’em in.