Tablo IP address reassigned every couple of minutes

I’ve contacted support already and am awaiting a solution, but thought I’d throw this out there in case someone has already solved the problem.

Every couple of minutes the Tablo kicks us out of either live or recorded shows. Looking at my router I see the Tablo API is contacting the DVR every couple of minutes and in turn is reassigning the IP address (reserved address) which for that second is causing the Tablo to lose network connection.

Is there a setting or feature that could be causing this?

Is your Tablo hard wired or wireless to your router?


have you tried using DHCP temporarily to see if there is an issue then?

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Changed it to DHCP, rebooted. Same problem. But the ports it is coming thru leads me to the remote access. Hold on a sec.

Turned off the remote access but it is still rebooting/getting reassigned the IP address. It’s the only device on my network that this is happening to. It started a couple of days ago so I am getting all failed recordings.

The Tablo rebooting is very different than it losing an IP from your router.

  1. Can you plug the power adapter into another outlet?
  2. Can you try running the Tablo without a HDD?

I thought the reassigning the IP was making it reboot, but it was the other way around like you said… I removed the coax from the Tablo and it hasn’t rebooted in 9 minutes so I’m thinking the pre-amp went bad. I just plugged it back in and I’ll see if continues to reboot.

Plugged the coax back in and continued to reboot. By-passed the power inserted for the pre-amp and has not rebooted in 10 minutes. Looks like a trip to the store to buy another one is in my future.

Please explain your antenna set up better.

You do not want to burn out your Tablo tuners.

I think that is just part of the problem. It took about 12 minutes for the Tablo to reboot after removing the power inserter. I then disconnected the coax altogether for the night, just to watch recorded shows. Since then, the hard drive has been and continues to drop out every 30 - 60 seconds for 5 seconds making watching recorded shows annoying.

  1. What is the make and model of your HDD?
  2. Open a Support Ticket with Tablo Support - this is not normal behaviour and they can look at your Tablo logs and see what is going on.

It is one of the tested 2TB hard drives. I’m not at home right so I don’t have the specifics. It’s been fine for the past 3 months. I opened a ticket yesterday before I started the topic hoping they would have looked at the logs by now. Definitely strange behavior with the various symptoms. I need to buy another USB HD for the the wife’s laptop so I’ll get an approved one and test it on the Tablo this evening if this does not get sorted out by then.

Turns out the USB cable from the HD to the Tablo was causing all of grief. Support says it is due to the bad “fit”. So 6 USB cables in the house plus the new one I bought yesterday are all a bad “fit”. The cables work on on our cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Right now I’ve got a USB 2.0 cable plugged and it is working, but only until it gets touched. I may end up taping it to the device or returning the Tablo all together. There is too much play in the USB ports on the Tablo.