Tablo integration with live section in Amazon tv

Is there any way tablo can be integrated with the live section in Amazon tv so it shows up in the guide along with the Pluto channels? 15929957501401786521293090501462|375x500 also if recent channels could appear on home screen too?

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I could be wrong, but I think Amazon would prioritize its own DVR “Recast?” over any other DVR solution. Also, Amazon may or may not charge a fee towards Tablo for getting such integration.

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Recast and Philo can be integrated into the Amazon program guide. Other streaming services may also be available, but not other over the air services that I am aware of.

I don’t have an Amazon TV or use Amazon Prime. I have Fire Sticks only as a backup to my other devices. It OS and UI suck.

So why is this of any use to Tablo users like myself. And how does Nuvyyo recoup it’s development and support costs as well as make some money?

A user having one “only as a backup” probably not much.

Very likely, marketing and sales.

And based on the current profit margins how many addition units would have to be sold strictly based on that feature to cover the costs?

Are you asking for someone to do your research for free?

If it’s not a trade secret, it’s beyond the scope of this topic – start another and ask.

I was in the business for over 40 years so I have a pretty good idea.

Maybe the Chinese government will become Amazon Prime like and pay for all the shipping costs.

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Ocean freight charge
Destination port fees
Import customs clearance
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The more guide integration out there the better,
Keep Tablo like it is today , but at the same time offer integration, there are so many TV sources now, need it all on one guide please.
Firetv integration would be a plus