Tablo Integration w/ Titan TV DVR Function

Newbie here. Just wondering before I buy a Tablo product I would like to know:

  1. Do Tablo DVRs integrate with Titan TV to allow their DVR controller to set recordings on the DVR?

  2. if I don’t buy the subscription, can I still record shows into the future (like daily episodes of game or quiz shows), or only one day at a time?



The manual recording option, which you get without a subscription, has a repeating option. So I think you’re OK there.

But honestly, just figure the cost of the lifetime subscription into your cost analysis. It’s worth it.

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Thank you!

But be aware, with manual setting, you’re recording a set time, not a scheduled show. If you can follow that.

You set to record “Show” at 7pm every weekday. “Show”'s schedule changes, manual is set to record at 7pm, you gave it a name called “Show”.

So it will record what ever is on at 7pm on that channel and name it “Show”.

It’s generally not an issue, I tried to elaborate things to make a point. But, yes it does every certain day(s) at specific time for how long you want.