Tablo in Canada - VPN

Hi Everyone,

I just purchased the new tablo 4.0 only to find that it doesn’t work in Canada. Has anyone successfully been able to get their tablo to work in Canada or another country other than the USA using a VPN? If so, does it work well or do you get stuttered video and sound? Thanks!

I saw another post that mentioned they didn’t get the streaming channels with the US postal code. Did you try a US postal code? It may just not work with a Canadian one.

Thanks for your response. Yes, I tried a US zip code instead however the setup wouldn’t finish. When I clicked “complete” nothing happened.

Maybe it’s using geolocation to match against zipcode during setup.

See if you can use a zip to match your vpn area. I’m sure there has to be a way to get it to work.

Also is your vpn on the app you’re using or on the router. I think the vpn would have to be on the tablo not the app being used. If on router would be on both.

Do you know if a VPN would work? I didn’t think a VPN would work.

It might work if set up for the tablo and the right zip code. I think if a vpn would work needs to be on the tablo and not just the app.

You may be getting a dns leak. In addition to vpn add a google dns to the router and remove default.

Return it and get one of the old Tablo models.
A US postal code would only work properly for someone on the border that can receive US channels. Even then they probably won’t get guide data for Canadian channels. It’s even possible Canadian channels could be locked out now or in the future. A VPN and a US postal code could make FAST channels work but those could also be locked out now or in the future.

Remember that the Tablo can Identify your location via multiple avenues. The internet, GPS in your devices, and the channels it receives. Call signs are broadcast by the stations. They are used for geolocation in other systems. It’s pretty easy to figure out a Tablo receiving a station in Edmonton Canada is not in Indianapolis Indiana.

They may not implement all those types of location data right now but they could at any point in the future and make your Tablo basically useless.