Tablo HW hangs with ISP IP address change

Yes, the Tablo still records whatever has been scheduled.

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OK, I have never really paid much attention to my external IP address because I use No-IP Updater to allow me to check in with the security camera when I am gone. But, I have put my No-IP Updater on my screen all week and it seems that my external IP address changes at LEAST once every 24 hrs and often 3-5 times. And, over the last 2+ yrs I have had less than 5 disconnects.

So I can offer this in support of Ikahhan that this may be related to something else.


Hey folks - just letting you know that we’re paying attention. I’ve sent this the team’s way, and will be back with an update.

Great - thank you. I would be very interested in more technical details re: connection requirements both from the base unit, along with the client(s) - if you can present that information.

Based on your experience my bet is this problem is also a function of how your local router responds to an IP address change and how your IP providers handles the address change on their side, so it’s probably not just a function of the when an IP address changes. What happens if your IP address changes in the midst of a set of transactions? Does the provider forward to the old IP address for awhile before totally dropping it?

My local IP address only changes once ever two of three months, not every day or multiple times in a day. Based on the number of times your provider is changing your IP address, my guess is they probably worked out more of the bugs associate with doing that than my provider has.

This is above my pay grade, but I support your theory. I do know that the only time my Tablo goes down is when I lose my electrical power. I am sure this is due to the fact that I know that my modem, router and two extended networks take about 5 mins to get up to speed. (Tablo hardwired to one of the extended network airports) And my Tablo wants to go almost immediately and seems to not retry or not retry long enough to make the connection. It is a pain in the /// but this always happens when we lose power which is quite ofter in the summer in AZ.

But hourly external IP changes are never a problem.

Reviving this previous topic, considering the lockups associated with the beta .13 currently in testing.

I can still confirm that when I have a WAN IP address change I will lose active connectivity to the Tablo unit (i.e. Apple TV App/Web interface/iOS app will not connect) - however, the Tablo device still shows online - as in it is pingable, but the app connection will fail until a full reboot (unplug, wait 30 seconds, then power back on).

I can repeat this sequence each time the WAN address changes.


@Hotrod_Hemi We’re still investigating this as a potential cause on our end. We’re making some progress in the firmware beta right now, so stay tuned!

Thanks for the update.