Tablo HDMI vs streaming model antenna strength

I have a Quad and Quad HDMI Tablos and I did a few channel scan comparisons using the same antenna cable, same ethernet and sitting in the same spot, I just swapped the cables.

It looks like the newer HDMI model gets 10-13 less “usable” channels than the streaming model. It “can” see and find about 7-8 of the 13, but no signal bars at all and not watchable. On the streaming Quad these same channels are there and usable.

Anyone else notice this? These channels are not deal breakers though or any of my main ones, more like the fringe channels can’t seem to be seen by the HDMI model but the streaming Quad does see them.

I have to give an UPDATE, I was fooling around trying different things to see if I could get my missing channels on the HDMI Tablo and I turned “down” the gain all the way on my adjustable splitter and surprise surprise my missing channels came back and started working. Not 100% though, but better than before.

So to anyone having reception issues don’t always turn things up all the way, down can help too.

Yes, several post from users with too strong of a signal causing issue. Few are too close, most over amplify …thinking more is always better.

There are so many variables with RF reception, including time of day and seasonal.
Good Luck