Tablo HDMI dual reboot when browsing guide

Lately, when I browse the guide my device keep rebooting without any message.
Have to wait many minutes before get back to TV.

Tablo HDMI Dual

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Hi @MartinMM,

That is certainly not optimal. We will DM you with some instructions to send logs.

Ok, we’re looking at the logs, but can you answer if possible, how often this has happened, and exactly what you were doing when it happened?

Since three to four weeks and it happend each time I browse the tv guide. Looks like the cpu run 100% and reboot (I’m a computer guy) when it will try to refresh the thumbnails at top with program description. I tried browsing slow or fast same thing happening

This is a well documented “feature” of the dual HDMI. I have even posted videos of it.

I have written extensively about what I think is happening.

At this point I hold no hope that the Dual HDMI will ever be fixed.

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I’m having the same problem. May have to resurrect my Channel Master and put my Tablo down if this persists. I’m tired of the nightly reboots and the ~30 minute wait to get it back.