"Tablo has stopped working" message on Android phone

I keep getting this message “Tablo has stopped working, Report or OK” on my android phone and I’m not even watching Tablo. Anyone have idea why I keep seeing it and how to stop it?

Lot’s of us are experiencing that. Tablo is aware.


Almost hourly.

Thanks for your patience guys… We’ve got a fix for this that will be pushed in the next update.

Here’s a quick question – Why wait? Seems a bit silly to me to make others wait on a fix, when the fix is waiting for other fixes (apparently) to join forces, before it/they become available. What does it take to issue an update anyways?


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I’ve had this for a while, I was hoping it would have been fixed with THIS update (2.2.2).

@Max - This is not a server related issue (which is firmware i.e. 2.2.2) but an app related issue. The fix for this will be going into QA shortly so it’s coming soon.

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I gotchya. Now that you point out the obvious, it makes sense :blush:

@Max - No worries. There’s a lot of moving parts to make this work and we don’t expect you to intuitively know how it all fits together :slight_smile: That’s for us to worry about!

I’ve noticed that this always happens to me after disconnecting a bluetooth device

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Several things set it off for us: disconnecting head phones, backing out of screen mirroring and oddly enough on my wife’s Dell Venue 8 tablet (Android 4.4.2), trying to go to: http://schoonerwharf.com/webcam.cfm to view a webcam will bring it up after showing the Dell splash screen for several seconds.

I get it absolutely every time I disconnect a BT device.

Any update on how soon this app update may be in coming?


We’re getting really close. In QA now and almost done.

Any update on when this fix will be released?

@MarcCharette - We released new apps for Android recently. Try deleting the app and re-adding it to make sure you have the latest.