Tablo has failed and is dead

Sorry, got it backwards. Either yellow M tip or green H tip.

Well it happened to me with my 3+ year old 4 tuner. Emailed support AND then called support about 3 1/2 hours ago.

Guy was very pleasant and tired to help. Blue light staid solid trying all the steps described earlier in this thread, to no avail.

He took my phone number and email and was going to confer with one of their engineers.

After hanging up I Googled “failed Tablo tuner” and found this thread. A few moments ago I took a power supply from a USB converter that is 12V 1.5A. TABLO WORKS PERFECTLY!!!

Haven’t received an email or call from support yet. Obviously I need a new wall wart supply.

Thanks to everyone on this thread who contributed and solved it.


Well mine died today. Reset everything and nothing. Unplugged and waited and got solid blue led. Hard drive led not on. Did search and got to this thread.
Pulled power supply to check specs. Lucky and found on with replaceable tip but maxed out at 1.5 Amp output. Tried it anyway and I’m up and running again.
Order new ps from tablo site above. Also ordered a 2pk from Amazon with 2amp output.
Thanks for the post. I almost freaked out about a shot 4 tuner unit and 1.8tb of lost recordings.


Weird so many people having their PS die.

They appear to have joined the forum in July of 2014. If their tablo power supply is that old maybe it should be expected.

My original power supply runs warm and is packed on the power strip next to other hot warts.

Generally speaking, the Chinese don’t make anything to last more than 3 or 4 yrs. Lots of return sales that was from those of us that hang on to things for more than the time limit.

I tend to agree. I have power supplies (excluding PCs) which have lasted for… who knows how long. Not that I’m familiar with other products, it seem unusual tablo users have this problems… to the point where sells Replacement Tablo Power Supply Not all devices have external power supplies, they don’t seem to fail regularly for me either.

I don’t feel stating a specific race are making items with a limited lifespan. Who isn’t? From what I can tell any/every appliance is made as cheaply inexpensivly as possible to increase profits… and if it last more than 6 - 10 years, they can’t wait that long to sell another. (learned that from the auto industry decades ago)

I do tend to keep my electronics generations past their expected use… with their original power supplies.

You can add me to the dead power supply club. Quad been running since Aug, 2014 … Temporarily using a 12v 1.5A psu from a non used external hard drive, brought the TABLO back from the edge (in my case solid blue LED … but no flickering, no response from my,tablo,com page either … ) temporarily plugged in the spare psu, working again… Ordered a new replacedment from the tablo store…

Chances are the filter capacitors in the Wall Warts (Power supplies) have gone belly up, aka leaked, dried up, popped the top or just gone high ESR. While the voltages may read OK the high ripple on the output just wreaks havoc with the device being powered. I load test and characterize the ripple on the dozens of Wall Warts I have around the house from time to time, once in a while I find one that’s gone bad. Capacitors are like the liver when it comes to power supplies, they clean up the toxins.