Tablo H.264 Encoding Question

I was looking to purchase a Tablo QUAD OTA DVR. So far, it looks like that is exactly what I need for my cable-cutting solution. HOWEVER…I was wondering if the version of Tablo that I’m talking about has support for H.264 encoding built-in to the device. Thank you to whoever responds to this thread.

This isn’t a direct answer…

There are multiple third party apps that can be used to rip recordings from the Tablo and convert them to H.264. I have used Tablo Ripper for several years and have ripped probably 5000 TV episodes and transferred them to my NAS Server for use in Plex.

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A second on Tablo Ripper…works great and is freeware.

This is a direct answer.

I’ve often discovered somewhat dated articles in their knowledge base. Depending just what are they what they wanting. Hundreds of segments albeit H.264 isn’t often helpful as is. Then HLS is a streaming format for various encoding formats.

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