Tablo Guide - Where's Colbert?

OK, so Colbert premiers tonight. Where is The Late Show in my guide? Answer: Not there, so I can’t record it. Add to the list of Tablo (i.e., my soon to be retired TV recording system because the wait for needed features is ridiculous) fails. Does this have something to do with how often they update the subscription WE PAY FOR of show schedules?

Check in settings for the last time it updated and if it is active. Colbert shows in mine and is scheduled

It’s there for me, but I just use the free standard OTA guide (not the paid version).

What do you mean free OTA Guide. There is no free guide with Tablo

Tablo MUST be changed to work with THEY ALWAYS have the latest changes, and get new channels MUCH faster than the slow as hell company THEY picked. It must be a case of “you get what you pay for”, but is FREE. Now for the Tablo to be modifed to use it.

Edit: comments made PRIOR to looking in my guide. It was there, but it still would be cool if the titantv could be used. I know they had my new channels faster than the Tablo did.

Colbert is in the guide. I assume something else is going on with the OP.

Colbert is in my guide as well for the local CBS affiliate at 11:35 PM

At least on iPad and iPhone there is a guide that doesn’t require a subscription. I believe it’s what gets pulled In over the air. There are not detailed descriptions and it includes only about 24 hrs of guide data, but the time and name of shows appear. And it works fine for creating timers.

huff: you get a free guide; can you use it to schedule Tablo recordings?

Yep - I schedule recordings fine with the free guide on iPad. I just click on an upcoming show, and then can set it to record once or repeat (you can select weekly, all weekdays, specific days of the week, etc.). It doesn’t include episode descriptions, but works fine otherwise. The recordings show up under the name of the show in recordings sorted by date.

The dissavantage is that it doesn’t include some of the “smart” features that would allow it to automatically skip repeats or automatically change to a different time/day if the show gets moved from it’s typical time. So, not quite as easy, but it is free.

I was thinking about subscribing but they would not provide a free trial since I bought my Tablo used. So I started using it without a subscription and found that it worked really well. May change my mind at some point though.

It may be that the Tablo you have has a leftover guide subscription. Wouldn’t count on that lasting :wink:

Every new Tablo comes with a free month of guide data.

He said he purchased a used Tablo. Does a used Tablo come with a free month of EPG or does it depend where it was purchased from?

What I bet is happening is that the original owner had a subscription, so it carried over. Refurbished Tablos should have the 30 day free trial, but used ones will just have whatever the original owner had.

I bought a supposedly new unit from Amazon, but when I hooked it up it had only 6 days left on the free trial. I contacted Nuvvyo and they were able to change it to 30 days for me.

My Tablo was purchased new and I am paying monthly for the guide subscription and at the time of my post, Colbert wasn’t in the choice of shows A-Z or Prime Time or anywhere else I could find.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert doesn’t air in prime time, so you won’t find it under Prime Time. You should see it in TV Shows under “L” for Late Show. I’m looking on an iPad. Perhaps there is no TV Show category on your device?

In TV Shows like @jkline said

On the day of my post I did look under L and am quite certain it wasn’t there. I suspected in that post it may have to do with the timing of guide updates. My problem is that I expect to find all shows for the next two weeks in my guide. The late show, at that point, was a brand new show because Letterman had been gone for a while and Colbert hadn’t started. Maybe that is why I couldn’t see it that day.