Tablo guide is a day off

Hi all. My first post. I recently switched to the Tablo OTA DVR from my wheezing old ChannelMaster DVR+. I’m still in the trial period, and things were going swimmingly until last week, when I noticed the guide was a day off starting Thursday 11/11, which has all the listings for Friday Nov. 12 and so forth and so on after that. I’d hoped it’d clear up, but nope. Checked last night and it’s still a day off. Making the whole Tablo pointless. I fired off an email to Tablo tech last night, but haven’t heard back yet. Any suggestions? Solutions? If this is what the future looks like on Tablo, I might have to search for yet another brand, and I’d prefer not too. Thanks in advance.

How are you looking at the guide (live tv or the prime time/movies/sports/etc way)? What device are you using (Roku, PC, phone, etc)?

I would check again today. Sometimes the time change that happened this morning can cause the guide to look strange in the days before today.

Thanks for the reply. Alas, now it’s completely off starting today. But here’s the crazy thing …. I’m looking at the guide via my Tablo box for tonight. At 6 pm, it has the PBS NewsHour, but if you look at the top, it says “ starts in 1 day, 8 hrs.” The guide is correct on the tablo app, which I access via roku. Guess I’ll watch shows that way. Thanks again!

Are you indicating that you have a HDMI model and it’s correct via Roku but incorrect in the guide via HDMI

Tablotv is still a small business and is closed on weekends. Your email won’t be answered until Monday.
Also when they are open they respond faster on Twitter

Thanks for reply. Yes, the guide via the Tablo box, hooked up with an HDMI cable, has gone bananas! It’s hooked to WiFi router via Ethernet cable. At least the Roku guide is correct!

Thanks! I didn’t expect a weekend reply. I saw tablo’s help desk hours. I was hoping someone on here had encountered this problem before, and I could sort it out before tablo replies.

No problem. I haven’t seen this issue posted before, but I could have missed it. Otherwise they are usually good about getting back to you ASAP.

Thanks! I hope so. Had a lot of guide issues with my old CM DVR+, especially as it got older. Why I switched to Tablo after a lot of research.

Tablo support is still closed on Saturday and Sunday. I have suggested before 10 to 2 on Saturday but not yet.

Maybe some day?

What good is it if Saturday 10 to 2 means 10 to 2 EST if you live in PST.

When it gets to the point where I feel the need to talk to tablo support on the phone between 7AM and 11AM on the weekend versus opening an e-mail help ticket I’ll enter a therapy program.

Feel free to post a screenshot of what the Live TV guide looks like on your Tablo HDMI, if you’re still having the issue. It almost sounds like you may have scrolled far into the future on the Live TV guide - are you able to scroll backwards?

The issue righted itself yesterday on the HTML Tablo guide, and was no problem on the Roku Tablo guide. I’ll just set up my DVR’ing via that, I guess. Thanks for reply.