Tablo goes down when Internet goes down

If my Internet goes down why does my Tablo go down as well? Shouldn’t itstill work if the wWiFi is up?

Tablo doesn’t need an internet connection to work with Roku, but I think it depends on the device.

The iPad app and the Roku apps do not need an internet connection to work. But all the others make a call to to start the connection, and that does require the internet to be working.

It is a noted issue with the Tablo, and hopefully there will be a workaround someday.


I do have ROKU but it always goes down

So just for fun, I pulled the ethernet cable connecting my modem to my router to make sure there is no Internet, then I tried accessing Tablo on my FireTV. And I am happy to report that I can connect to Tablo and watch Live TV when there is no Live Internet connection. Great Job @TabloTV

FYI - We did add network discovery to apps that previously relied on a live internet connection. You just need to be connected to the Tablo before the web goes down.

This affected me over the weekend. My internet went down, and I couldn’t get connected to my Tablo from my laptop. The good news is that my provider found a bad cable, so this should not be as bad of a problem for me going forward. However, I live in FL, and lightning is a big factor here. This whole idea of having to have an internet connection just to watch something that is already recorded just seems completely wrong to me.

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If my internet goes down, what am I supposed to do - talk to my family ???