Tablo GEN 4 Keeps Shutting Down

My Tablo exits the app and goes back to the Roku Home page after 2-3 minutes. I have checked for updates on the Roku Ultra and the Tablo with both being up to date. I Googled this problem and see that hundreds of people have the same problem. Does anybody know of a fix before I bring a hammer to this thing?

A few things… If you’re on the most updated version the Roku and Tablo… Then I would investigate your RF signal and or your wireless signal in your home.

All other wireless devices in my home are working fine. My signal says its “excellent” There is another post about this issue but it was closed down last October, I was wondering if a fix has been released since then.

I’m assuming that this is happening on live TV viewing?

The Tablo uses more internal bandwidth to watch your live TV and recordings because you’re getting raw, uncompressed data. Other streaming apps have compression and are coming straight from your Internet. This is about transferring uncompressed HD content over that same network. It’s why 5g or ethernet is recommended.

One thing you could try is a cache reset through some tricky keypad presses.

Home (x5)
Rewind, Rewind
Fast Forward, Fast Forward

Wait until the menu scrolls by itself, freezes, and then reboots.