Tablo Gen 4 Guide Data Incorrect

Hi all! I’m noticing multiple channels that identify correctly when scanned but then show guide data for something else in the live guide. Anyone else? Some googling makes it seem like it’s just something that has to be put up with.

If I removed a channel will the DVR ignore it? One of my channels is showing as NBC when it isn’t and I don’t want recordings to come from that channel.

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Yes, I have the problem with incorrect guide information on gen4; my original Tablo works just fine. I understand the new device uses a different service for guide updates.

Not seeing this particular problem, but you can set a specific channel for it to record from in the series record options. The default is set to any channel, but you can set that to the one you know is correct. That doesn’t fix the actual problem, but it is a workaround so you don’t get bogus recordings from the wrong channel.

Me too, gen 4

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I have seen this issue only when removing channels that were scanned from showing. Once that is done the guide is offset my those missing channels, but the channel id’s on the left are correct. That leaves things with content showing lined up with the wrong channel.

Interesting! The channels below don’t change when I hide channels in the guide though. Thanks for mentioning!

Hi folks - If you’re experiencing issues with guide data, check your email inbox.

A subset of 4th gen users were impacted by a bug that is now corrected, but you need to take a few steps on your end to get things sorted.

We have emailed everyone affected with instructions on how to do so.

If you didn’t receive an email, guide data for that channel may just be missing. In that case, support can start a ticket with our guide provider to hopefully get that fixed up.

Followed the instructions in email but unfortunately it didn’t correct the issue. 4.1 and 4.2 are correct. The funny thing is 4.3 used to show as NNCLX when scanning but showed COZI In the guide. Now it shows COZI both places. It “fixed” the wrong thing.
Here’s what the other channels should be.
4.4 - Oxygen true crime

I also received the instructions from Tablo Support today on how to correct the guide problems I was experiencing (channels remaining in guide after update, guide descriptions on wrong channels). They said to uncheck all of the OTA channels leaving at least one streaming channel and then save. Wait 10 minutes for guide to update. Then do a re-scan of the channels and select the OTA channels to keep, then save. Wait 10 more minutes for guide to update. I’m happy to report that this worked for me - the channels are all proper now.

However, since I have 2 other TV’s with Roku Ultra’s, they didn’t tell me how to update those Roku’s. I noticed that their guides did not automatically update and were still not right. I was able to find on the Roku site the way to get an App to log out completely. They said to delete the Tablo Roku App and then Reboot the Roku (a very important step!). Then Re-Add the Tablo Roku App. After doing this the guides in the Tablo Live Guide on my other 2 Roku’s were proper.

The other thing that this fixed was the issue I was having with my Roku Ultra on an older Vizio TV. The problem that was happening was after viewing any channel on the Tablo App for more than 3 minutes would crash back to the Roku Home menu. This Roku Ultra was using the 12.5.0 firmware, my other Roku’s were using 12.0.0. Well, I’m happy to report that this problem fixed itself too after doing the Roku reboot and re-adding the Tablo App.

So (knock on wood!), everything is working good now.

I think it would be helpful if the Tablo Support Team could add in the process of fixing other Roku’s on the same network. I was able to figure out how to get my other 2 Roku’s to update the guide, but had do some searching and found the solution.


This is a true error with the TV guide data from our provider and unfortunately, not something they have been quick to fix of late. We are looking at engineering solutions that we could deploy in these situations. Stay tuned.

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Yes, I have the same problem.

Is there any way to clear the guide and make it repopulate?

Yes - Contact Tablo Support and they will send you the Instructions…


Just curious if anyone here has used on-line guides like TitanTV or similar to see what their guide data says. Maybe even know someone with cable to see if it has the right data. I don’t think there are that many real low-level services out there. I think Gracenote and whatever TV Guide calls themselves now. I know Comcast uses Gracenote for their guide data.

Also should mention that many TV’s can at least show current channel info or even build up a bit of a guide using data sent by the stations themselves. You can try hooking an antenna direct to a TV is possible and see what it says. Many low-end stations tend to have no data at all.

One of the best things about Tablo is it lets you put your antenna in the best spot, which is definitely not where my TVs are. :slight_smile:

Also I’d rather it show nothing than incorrect info.

The instructions fixed my issue as well. I had “phantom channels” that were sub channels with no programming being detected, but no programming info. Deselecting them and saving did not remove them from the lineup. They were always there no matter what I did once they appeared. After the changes and following their email instructions, all is well and I have done several test scans and saves just to make sure. The new gen 4 does have bugs, but they do seem to be responding and fixing them pretty quickly.

My experience. I went through the instructions on one of my Roku Ultras and all went well. I compared all my selected channels with my OG Tablo and everything aligned correct. After reading the above posts I thought I’d check some of my other devices. Checked my 2 Amazon Firestick 4K+'s and they both were good to go with no additional maintenance. Checked my other Roku Ultra and it too was good to go with no additional maintenance.

But then I noticed 4 of the channels in my Ultras do not have the little Icons in the Channels column of the Live guide. The one that identifies the channel. This may be related to the “true error with the TV guide data” Tablo mentioned above. Interestingly the same 4 channels on my FireSticks have simple text identifying the channels instead of the fancy colorful Icons like the other channels have. So the Firesticks are at least identifying them.

I looked on zap2it and it showed 2 options for 4.3. Perhaps you can pick up one or the other depending on location.

OR you didn’t receive an email with those instructions because you activated a 4th gen Tablo after that email was sent out. (Which was the case for me yesterday.)

Hopefully suggestions to you are OK: You’ll probably want to re-send that email to other new activations, and send it to new activations going forward.

Thankfully a user here posted the workaround directions in a post following yours. That leads me to my next suggestion: Create a post here for those directions, and even on show it on your support page until its corrected. (I spent a chunk of time digging here to find out how to get my guide data and channel line-up in proper order. )

A clear & simple way to spell it out to everyone for now: Don’t try the scan/setup for your channels through Roku just yet. Do it all on your phone first, then reboot the Roku and let its Tablo app acquire the correct lineup.