Tablo Freezes at random

I’ve had my Tablo hooked up for a couple days now and I’m having a freezing issue at random times. Sometimes I can get 30 minutes or 5 minutes before it will freeze. When this happens I’ll switch to other streaming devises I have and they are running flawlessly. Could this be an issue with the Tablo itself or possibly the hard Drive? I have the sea gate backup plus slim 2T.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

What playback device?

Apple tv4. iPad and iPhone. Though it’s only acted up on the Apple TV today. Watching on iPad has been fine so far.

Question, How much bandwidth is necessary to stream with Tablo? Doing some thinking and last night my Mbps was dipping below 7 at times and this is when I was using Tablo. Im paying for much faster internet (100 Mbps) so Im windering if this is my issue and not anything with Tablo. May have an issue with my cable provider.

It depends. What recording quality are you using?

Whatever the default is. I dont remember changing it but I may have. Ill check when I get home.

@EpicCajun Feel free to send your Tablo’s MAC address to us - our support team should be able to track down the cause of the freezes.

I think I may have solved my problem. I was trying to stream at 1080 like theuser86 hinted at. I changed it to the recommended setting and so far tonight it’s been fine. If I have issues I’ll bumb this thread.

Thanks for the help.

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