Tablo Forum Icon Keeps Changing

Has anyone else noticed that the Tablo Forum Icon keeps changing?

I typically access the Tablo Forum using the app on my android tablet. About a week ago I started to notice that the icon for the Tablo Forum was starting to change. The app for accessing my Tablos was identical to the app for accessing the Tablo Forum. Both icons had the orange triangle on a white background surrounded by a blue box.

About a week ago I noticed a small white edge around the outside of the blue box. Over the past week the blue box and orange triangle have slowly shrunk in size to the point that the blue box and orange triangle are now about 1/4 their original size.

This hasn’t affected my ability to access the forum, it’s just kind of strange behavior.

Strange! We haven’t made any changes on our end…

I agree that it is very strange.

One thing that I didn’t mention is that when opening the Tablo Forum the first screen I see is the Tablo Icon surrounded by a black circle. The Tablo Icon on this screen has also been shrinking inside of the black circle background.

What device are you seeing this on?

I’m seeing this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e model #SM-T720.

On the other hand, my Samsung Galaxy A42 5G phone is not displaying this odd behavior. Again, very strange.

Ok, now that I’ve started using the app on my phone it is doing the same thing. It looked normal until I had opened the app several times. The more times I open the app, the smaller the Tablo icon becomes.

What happens if you delete the shortcut and make a new one?

@3rdRockOKC - What app are you using, the Discourse Hub or maybe just a shortcut to a webpage? I installed the Discourse app on my Android tablet but I haven’t figured out how to add Tablo or Plex as it reports neither was found.

I deleted and uninstalled the Tablo Forum app. I checked the Play Store for an app, but could only find the one to access the Tablo unit. I then opened Chrome and went to When it opened to the Forum, it asked at the top of the screen if I wanted to install Tablo Forum on this device. I answered yes and it created the new app icon which appears to be back to normal. I have opened and closed it several times and so far it’s working correctly.

Hope this also answers your question @bbaorbb.

@bbaorbb I’ll see if there’s a setting we’re missing that would allow us to be seen in the ‘hub’.

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Ok, one day later and the Tablo Forum Icon is starting to shrink again. I’m still not sure what has changed that is causing this behavior. My tablet is running Android v11 and my phone is running Android v12, but both devices have the same shrinking icon problem.

Extremely weird! Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to be causing any problems with accessing and contributing to the forum.

Screenshot_20220917-135817_One UI Home
I’m not sure if my screenshot will display, but this is what my apps look like.

Both of my app icons looked identical to your Tablo app to begin with, but the more I use the forum app, the smaller the blue box and orange triangle become. It was down to about 1/5 the original size before I uninstalled the forum app as suggested by @TabloTV. Once reinstalled it went back to full size initially, but has been shrinking again ever since. It’s currently about 1/4 it’s original size and still shrinking.

I’m curious to see just how small it will get or if it will disappear completely and just leave a white icon for the Tablo Forum.

So that’s not actually a Tablo Forum app, It’s a progressive web app from Chrome – that’s where the home screen shortcut comes from.
Me, I’d call it a proprietary browser window since they generally provide little to no function beyond a flexible tab-able browser. --generally

Screenshot_20220919-131258_One UI Home
A week ago these icons looked identical.