Tablo for sale with Hard Drive

As the title says 2 channel tablo with 1GB disk drive

IGB or 1TB? 1GB is awfully small!!

Well it sounds to me you have two choices.

1. Buy it and upgrade to a bigger drive

2. Don’t buy it.

Pretty simple to me, no need to knock me for the drive

Would the Moderator consider moving “Tablo for Sale” comments to somewhere other than General Discussion?

@Mightyse  Your original post says the drive is 1GB. Since 1GB drives were introduced by IBM in 1980, weighed 550 pounds, and cost $40,000 I think @davidrob had a fair question. No need to be rude. Or are you really selling your Tablo with a 550 pound $40,000 Hard Drive?


Well… maybe a separate category is appropriate, but without that and since it was a Tablo that was being sold, I think it was a perfectly ok post.  Now… if 5,000 people start selling Tablos here… yep… we’ve got a problem.  But I think we should wait and see if such a problem exists.

My first store bought computer had to use a portable cassette tape.  First hard disk that was available for that was 5 GB and cost $4000.00.  This was about 1982 I think so that should make it about $10,000 in today’s dollars.  About a month later I was really tired of the cassette and bought a single 5-1/4" SS disk drive for something like $400 I think.  Then about 6 months later I bought a dual 5-1/4" SS floppy external drive & enclosure for $1700 I think.  

So, the odds are, you are talking about something larger than a 1GB HD.  Could be a 100 GB, but I even doubt that.  I think you have a 1TB (if you have any at all that is).  My guess is your joined to post this and this isn’t anything real at all.


So sorry if I offended anyone with my post. I have seen others who have posted their Tablo for sale and to my knowledge there was no one upset or offended by there post. I just thought that I would give someone in the Tablo community the chance to buy it before I listed elsewhere. 

BTW the Drive is a 1 TB not a 1 GB as posted. So I guess it weighs more or cost more then what was posted here. Thanks for pointing that out me

Lol c’mon guys he or she is allowed to post their device for sale.