Tablo Firmware update 2.2.47 fails

I’m getting nagged to update the firmware, but when I go through the process which seems to complete normally, the device is still at 2.2.46!

The next time I go into the app, it wants me to do the update. I’ve tried to do the update from both the mobile app and tv app and same thing happens every time!

I believe there was an update last week but something went wrong and it didn’t work well for a lot of users so they rolled it back.
So I think you’re seeing a false update notice

Lots of crashing reported after the update
Here’s the thread…

@imsscott Hi there, would you be able to go into a bit more detail about what happens after you hit the “Update Now” button?

@bryan60k Just to clarify, the issue you’re discussing was the Roku app update, which is unrelated to this.

That was an app update, not firmware.

@imsscott Sorry to hear you’re running into this. Can you try deleting & re-adding the app on your phone/tablet and give it another shot?

If that doesn’t do the trick, don’t hesitate to touch base with support: