Tablo Fire TV stream fails after using TVMC

I am a new Tablo 4-tuner user. My primary streaming device is a Fire TV Gen 1, hardwired.

I also use TVMC on my FTV.

I have noticed that the Tablo App 2.26 will error error out with “Stream Failed” if I have previously used TVMC to stream anything. I have to completely reboot the FTV to get Tablo working again.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a remedy?

My ultimate goal is just to setup FTV with the Firestarter app to switch between Tablo and TVMC via home button clicks.

Thanks for any information.

@tremors2 - I’m not familiar with TVMC… Is this an app? We’d like to see if we can reproduce this and/or find a solution for you but we’ll need more information.

Sorry for not being clear on this.

TVMC is just another flavor of KODI (formerly XBMC). In my case it is just another side loaded streaming app which runs on Fire TV.

What I find is that if I stream anything through TVMC / XBMC, then switch to the Tablo FTV app, Tablo throws the “stream failed” error.

The only solution I have found is to completely reboot the Fire TV box and then the Tablo app streams as expected.

I don’t anticipate that this is necessarily a fault with the Tablo app.

I was just inquiring to find out if others with a similar FTV setup were experiencing this and what might be done to fix it.

Thanks for the reply and any suggestions you might have.

TVMC website is here:

@tremors2 - Thanks for the detail. Wondering if there is a setting that TVMC is enabling that subsequently makes it not play nicely with Tablo…

I use the plain old Kodi, no modified version, on my Fire TV. Well I shouldn’t say ‘old’, I have Kodi 15.2 (released last month) installed right now, and I can watch stuff in Kodi, exit Kodi, then go to Tablo app and stream Live TV and Recordings.

@theuser86 - Thanks for the verification. I might just do the full Kodi install and give it a shot.

May I ask how you launch Kodi and Tablo on your FTV? Do you use a launcher such as Firestarter?

I am using Firestarter which is nice, but it may be causing my problem. I need to test without it to be sure.

I’m just waiting for that beautiful day when I make my last phone call to DirecTV…

Yes that Fire Starter may be your issues, I just launch is through the ‘Managed Installed Applications’ list. Yes, it’s not a fancy UI as the home screen, but it works.

I think fire starter is the issue. My tablo won’t work if i launch it from fire starter.

Thank you guys for confirming this! Lesson learned.

I uninstalled Firestarter and no more “stream failed” errors.

However, I am now getting frequent stream freezes with the spinning icon. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes not.

I really don’t know what’s going on with my Tablo setup. It was bulletproof for the first two weeks. Now, it is a mess.

Rebooted Tablo, FTV, and relaunched Tablo app in that order. No joy. All Gigabit Ethernet hard wired + 50MB Internet.

Could this be a hard drive issue? I"m using a new WD Elements 2TB.