Tablo feature request wishlist

Thank you for Tablo, I love the ‘network dvr’ concept, and I really appreciate the elegantly clean interface and settings of Tablo, thank you for creating a user friendly interface. I have only had my Tablo for a less than a week, but thought I would make note of the items which I thought could be better. With a lot of time using other DVR’s like TiVo, Sonarr, and Windows Media Center I would like to respectfully throw my wishlist of items into the ring.

Channel Number and ID is good information on the Guide, but it would be really nice to have the Icon for the channels too, Peacock for NBC, etc.

I happen to be a person who rarely watches live tv, I record shows and watch them later sans commercials! However, I recognize that the current setup for Tablo is more for people like me, there should be an option in the settings to toggle an option when a show is selected from the guide to either go straight to the show, or how it currently does with a preview, watch, record options. There are many people who would prefer that the Tablo goes straight to the show when selected, not having to go to a second step in order to watch the show.

The icons listed for each show is really nice, and when drilled into it shows the all upcoming shows and which ones are to be recorded, this is terrific.
What is missing is a list of all shows to be recorded, it would be a nice improvement if the current SHOWS is one option, and a LIST option were available which gave a list for all scheduled shows, those that will be recorded.

Keyword scheduled record is missing, for example it would be nice to be able to set a scheduled recording for “Billboard Music Awards” or “iHeart Radio” and have Tablo record shows with those keywords in their title. As it is now you have to wait until the show appears on the 14 day guide data in order to add it, even though it could be a once a year annual show.

Missing is the ability to add shows which aren’t currently airing. For example, some shows that I would like to record for different people in the family are Blacklist, Grey’s Anatomy, Riverdale, Station 19, Survivor, This is Us. I cannot add any of those shows though, I assume because there aren’t any shows airing in the next 14 days. A person can’t add a show even though it will be returning later, this is a major inconvenience to have to maintain an offline list of shows that I want to add - and before the new year show premiers or I will miss it.

It would be nice to be able to edit the station name, for example here in Phoenix, AZ, station 7-2’s station id is “METVN” but it’s really the meTV network, it would be nice if I could change it to “meTV”.

When presented with the full list of Your Channels, it would be very helpful if there were a PLAY icon for each channel, and you could click on it to see that channel. I had to keep going back and forth from live tv and back to the Your Channel list, watching them for a minute to see if I wanted to include in my list or not. It would have been super convenient to be able to preview it right from the Your Channels list in the settings.

I would hope that a person could gain access to their Web App without having to originate it from the same network as the Tablo, it would be nice to be able to login to your My Tablo account and connect to your Tablo that way.

Welcome to the community (from a fellow Phoenician in Gilbert)!

I know there are some technical things being worked out right now with station names. I currently have a ticket open to update sub channel 8.2 to display as “Life” instead of “PBS” (which is the same description it gives for 8.1).

When it is searching and receiving channels during the scan, the names appear one way, but when completed, different….

I realized this is a “request wishlist” most/many have been mentioned numerous times. They’ll always say good ideas, wel’ll look into it… some day we may see :slight_smile:

A note, you describe how things work, current state, for you. Cool.

Tablo works across a variety of apps/devices. What works for you, may not be what’s working or not for everyone one else. When describing “when I click/select and then…” mentions which device/app you’re using :slight_smile:

Often requested. Then name displayed, is how it’s sent from the broadcaster… we get the text they send. Just saying that’s why it’s like that. Their logo show “MeTV” image
Tablo stores multiple items per channel -

    "object_id": 37,
    "path": "/guide/channels/37",
    "channel": {
        "call_sign": "MeTV",
        "call_sign_src": "MeTV",
        "major": 13,
        "minor": 3,
        "network": "METVN",
        "resolution": "sd"

They take what they get. Editing them would be great, but then when users screw things up – tech support explodes.

This sounds very cumbersome. Maybe just add the ones that seem like a good maybe, and in a couple days you can uncheck the ones you know you’ll never bother with. To “watch” a channel before adding… that might be near the bottom of the list, but it’s there now. :wink:

Once you setup tablo connect you don’t have to be on the same network.

I agree there’s a whole bunch of changes that could/should happen with the web app, but I fear it’s fading. There’s are some great #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex 3rd party apps for PCs.

Some of what I wrote is specific to the Web App but much of it applies directly to the Tablo interface as well.

Networked tablo’s are headless devices and have no one “Tablo interface”. It varies by devices and their apps.
The tables in the posted article show not everyone has same features, filters or screens.

Yes sorry I was assuming other apps were in sync but they may not be - I am viewing the Tablo through the AppleTV app.

Try using the PLAY versus the OK button on your remote. That’ll skip all the secondary screens.

The rest of your requests are all pretty popular as well. Hopefully we can cross some of them off the list in the future.

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Wow… I’ve learned something new. Nice to know this little shortcut.

Would it be possible to add a “Favorites” function, so our most watched channels are on top? We have to scroll through the guide to find FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC. It would be GREAT to see them on top.

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Some type of recordings in progress indication.
Hardware Based (not easily retrofit and probably not cost effective)
Multi-Color led in place of Blue LED (might be in new units like ATSC 3.0)
Individual LEDs for each tuner in addition to blue LED
Numerical display ie: 1 thru 4

Software Based
Screen widget with 4 simulated LEDs in a corner (would need to be able to
turn off in settings)
Probably in bottom left but configurable would be nice.

My use case is using computer can just glance and see if a scheduled recording is taking place.