Tablo Fast Foward Unification

I’ve only been using Tablo for about 6 months so I am relatively new to the Tablo platform. I use Tablo on my AppleTV, my iPhone, and my iPad. I understand that somethings should be different form app to app but FF should be the same on my iPhone as it is on my iPad. The 30 second FF on my iPad is very useful. But on the iPhone you FF to however far ahead the recording has been downloaded. Sometimes a few seconds and sometimes all the way to the end of the show. Just give me a 30 second FF like on the iPad. Now if there is a setting that I missed that can turn this feature on I apologize. If not then please make it available.

  1. If you are watching locally on your iPhone the entir recording should always be available, the entire length of the show should be displayed in the progress bar. It is only when you’re watching remotely and your remote streaming quality is not set to Ful Quality does the episode slowly download to your phone - the reason is the Tablo is transcoding the video to a lower quality.
  2. The FF button on the iPhone is 10 seconds forward. The scrubber is also really easy to use to fin a spot to FF to. I agree, it would be nice if the FF button was 30 seconds, but I just tap the button 3 times for 30 seconds.