Tablo fails to change location (2.1.20) [resolved]

I got a tablo for my wife for xmas this year.  We unboxed it and (tried to) set it up where we were visiting for the holidays.  We got as far as scanning the local stations and ran into what appeared to be a storage problem (I only had an 8gb usb thumb drive with me) and figured we’d get it sorted out once we got home.

Now, at home, I cannot get the tablo to change its location.  It still thinks it is in Seattle and will not “let go” of the stations it scanned while there.  What I have tried:

1. edit location zip code, re-scan, re-select, and Add the new local stations to lineup.  After updating/downloading the guide, only the former seattle stations appear.

2. re-edit zip code, re-scan, re-select, Add stations, wait for guide update, REBOOT via reset switch.  Again, only seattle stations.

3. reset the device via button, re-setup, re-scan, re-select, wait for guide to update.  Miraculously, it still only shows seattle stations. 

This is all just to get back to the broken state it was in over the holidays to see if I can resolve that.

Is there a super-duper-reset button?  The device has been wiped and is using a newly formatted drive.  What else can I do to convince this thing to erase Seattle channel memory? 


burnt 5 hours in Portland

FYI, Thumb drives are not supported, maybe that is the problem??

I surmised that was the problem while away.  Now from home I have a toshiba laptop hard drive hooked up.

fourth try is a charm it would seem.

4. remove the disk.  reformat disk on a different computer.  reset tablo.  re-attach disk.  re-setup.  re-format.  re-scan.  wait for guide to update. 

et voila.  no more Seattle. 

hmmm, but the Tablo itself should not have any data on it, maybe a question for @TabloSupport

I presume it must have gotten the channel line-up from the guide services when I attached a new drive to it.  Otherwise there must be some local storage on the device itself apart from the usb storage.

@smeghead Yep, there is some local storage the Tablo can use to store guide data, among a few other things.

@TablSupport, that is interesting… Is there some kind of info we can have to know exactly what is saved and how to clean up the issue @smeghead has to understand?