Tablo Exporter - Export Tablo Recordings


Checkout mcebuddy. And I highly recommend donating the $30 (I think that is how much) to get the donator version and get quicker transferring if you are going to do a lot. Try it out first, though. Lots of settings in that one as well.


Yea, @faganm24 is right, unless you are on mac then there is another solution that escapes me right now. And maybe it will save you some space but processing time goes way up.


I’m just gonna have to give it a try. I’ve gotta think that by recording at a lower setting, like the 1080-5, the recording will be a smaller size file on the Tablo and then when I export, using the standard setting, it should take less time and produce a smaller file than if it was done on the 1080-8 setting. We’ll see…

And yep I’m on Windows so I’ll try the mcebuddy. Thanks for that tip @faganm24!


Yea, I would guess so too, just never tested it :wink:


Wanted to let you know that changing the recording setting on Tablo does affect the amount of space used for the recording on the drive and the ultimate size of the file when exported. For the main 720/1080 channels like Fox, CW, ABC, etc the difference is about a 50% smaller file when exported on 1080-5 (I mean 720-5) vs 1080-8 so the amount of time it takes when exporting is also cut in half. I’m sticking with 1080-5 (s/b 720-5) for the time being just for this reason. Plus I’ll fit more recordings on my 1 TB drive.

Thanks again for this awesome tool!

(Corrected with accurate recording settings)


Isn’t it 720p 5 Mbps?


Well, yes it is isn’t. Doh! 720-5 is what I should have said. Thanks!


New to this- where can I find the download for the Tablo VIDEO Exporter for my Mac ?



The first message in the feed has the links for the downloads at the bottom.


Were you able to get this going? Sorry, been working long hours


Yes I did - had to figure out the right ffmpeg and it worked great-meant to post this but have been doing the work thing also…


So @Jestep I’m trying to export some recordings and this one recording keeps getting stuck. Really it won’t start at all. Any ideas or steps I can do to get you information on it?


Run it in debug mode…

java -jar TabloExporter.jar -debug

see what it says and send me a PM with the error


Hopefully you’re filtering out the colon from the filename. Just a wild guess.


I am :confused:


Fantastic App. Well Done!


This is what I’ve been looking for. I see this is an old thread but how can I find the download?



Does this convert while its transferring from the Tablo? Wouldn’t it be better to transfer the file first then convert it? Should be a lot faster especially for those with SSD.


No, it is not a single file, it is many files it could take up a lot of disk space trying to do that.