Tablo Export Video for Mac

I know there are multiple topics posted on this issue, but most of the discussion has “dried up” 4 or 5 years ago. It’s still an issue with me. I can’t seem to get Tablo Exporter (java based) to work even though I’ve downloaded ffmpeg and the latest jdk (java).

I fully recognize the problem may be me, but has anyone pursued an updated version of Tablo Exporter that might work with current versions of Tablo? Or, if the old versions still work, can someone point me to a step by step guide for Mac os10.15?

Ultimately, I would love Tablo to make good on their statements back in 2014 that they are working on a way to export or “save” the recordings on a separate drive. I want to save some shows and I want to use a larger external hard drive neither of which I can figure out how to do.

There are other 3rd party export application which are platform independent - works Mac, LInux and even Windows. APL Tablo is a java based one, if that’s what you really want.

SurLaTablo and runs under python (on any OS) and capto has a Mac version.

As for making good on a 2014 statement - :clock530: :rofl: :clock930: :joy: :clock12: :sweat_smile: :clock730: :sleepy: :clock9: :laughing: :clock3: :rofl: :clock1: :roll_eyes: :clock330:

Thank you for the suggestions. I will give APL Tablo a try soon.

SurLaTablo is command line (no UI), but it works great on a Mac.

I just finished d/l the .dmg file for Tablo Tools version 0.2.4, and installing it on my 2012 Mac-mini. It’s running flawlessly as I type this, exporting 6 movies from Tablo to my computer. So far, so good!
P.S. The entire operation lasted 14minutes 30seconds.