Tablo Engine limitations

I was considering switching from my Tablo 2 to Tablo Engine (Shield TV) but was reading about some of the current limitations of Engine and was curious if these are still issues and if so when they may be addressed as the product evolves

TV Guide Search: Last i heard you are unable to browse/search for programs in Engine like you can in the Network equivalent app

Genre options (ie. Sports, Primetime, etc)

With the Engine setup, i know you can’t stream Live TV or Recordings but is it possible to setup new recordings and view current recordings (not so much to watch but to view what has been recorded and cleanup old recordings like you can w/ TiVo) from the mobile app and TV app?

if no one has any thoughts on the questions what about general observations of Engine for those that switched from the original 2 or 4 tuner network variation to it? worth the switch?

@andygresbach - Have you seen this page on our site?

It answers a lot of the questions about the differences between hardware and software Tablo implementations.

You can indeed use the web app to schedule and clean up recordings which helps with the limited screens on the lean-back app at present.

We are working on additional screens and features for ENGINE at the moment so it is being fleshed out.

I would assume Engine will work w/ the discounted Shield coming out in a month right since thats what i think is the exact same as the other 2017 models just w/ out the controller

One big thing i was curious about is the pausing live tv bug that we have w/ the amazon fire app. does that occur on Engines platform too? I was told this week that your QA dept confirmed that is a bug on your end but could be up to 6 months to fix