Tablo Engine additional hardware support

Currently i know this is limited only to Nvidia Shield and the official stance is that they will be looking at other devices at some point. Has anyone heard how far down the line that might be and any other candidate devices? I love the idea of the engine vs. the network option for various reasons but the Shield is a bit overkeel for what i’d need it for (not really a gamer). Right now i’m using a gen 1 Fire TV box and its been awesome. Its been rumored to have future tuner support but nothing yet but maybe some other Android TV boxes i was hoping that weren’t so pricey might be able to get Engine support?

@andygresbach - We’re definitely still investigating this… I don’t have any news to share yet so stay tuned.

thanks for the quick reply. can you say at least at least you’d be looking at some lower priced hardware options or is the higher spec’d devices like Shield necessary for Engine maybe?

The reason why we started with the SHIELD is that it had all of the elements necessary for making it work… Namely enough accessible USB ports (for the storage and the tuner) and enough memory to handle the DB.

We’re definitely hoping to find ways to make it work well on other devices that are a bit less pricey.

great thanks!

Any word on different usb tuners to work with the Tablo Engine ?

Tablo ENGINE has always supported Tablo TUNER and the Hauppauge Win-TV tuner:

Are you looking for it to support something specific?

Was wondering about the xbox one made by Hauppauge
, I have it but does not find it , but it does work with live channels

@Stevetl We don’t support that specific tuner unfortunately.

Mi box wpuld be awesome. Usb ports can be added with a hub. I KNOW it works because I connected USB tuner and used AndroidTV instead of Tablo. Still love my Tablo and have the lifetime guide. Sometimes I wish it was a different provider, but most tomes is ok. Only when trying to get a station added seems to take a whole and on i can just copy another station.