Tablo & eero remote setup

I have tried, but keeps stating that router require manual configuration.

Below is my setup. Any help is appreciated

Eero v 6.2.1
Tablo v 2.2.32

Does your eero connect to a router from your ISP, which may not have those ports opened - or does it connect to your ISP’s “modem”?

Connects to router from ISP. The internal ports were mapped. I deleted the mapping and tried Tablo remote connect again, same results.

The eero is connected to the ISP router.

I don’t have the details, you have to set your ISP’s router to allow passage - bridge mode.

Search forum for “double NAT” and “bridge mode” in topics about tablo connect.

You essentially have 2 network routers, aka double NAT, you opened ports on one while the other has no idea about any of it.

I put ISP router into Bridge Mode. Rebooted both the ISP and eero routers. Still unable to map Tablo remote access

Resolved, had to turn-off UPnP to get it to map properly.

Thank you for all the assistance.

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If you haven’t it’s generally strongly suggest to assign your tablo a fixed IP via your router’s DHCP Lease Reservation, or some variation of that name. Generally even with random IPs, they don’t change - they can and will.

This way yor port forwarding will be for the IP always for your tablo.

Much of the thanks likey go to theueser86 as those were probably mostly their post you read, at least that’s how I knew what you should look for.

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This is key when it comes to using your own personal router with the Tablo. Glad you figured it out, many people struggle with putting their ISP modem in bridge mode (which disables the built in router function).