Tablo DVR not found

This is my first entry in the Tablo Community, so if I did it in incorrectly please advise.

I have experienced this Table DVR not found issue several times. Usually the suggested process gets me back.

This entire weekend it’s been down on my iPhone and iPad apps. Also my 2 Roku and Samsung TV tablo app.

All other apps work just fine, with the exception of Sling TV.

I previously worked with Tablo support and I had to do something with my router ( should have took notes).

My biggest issue is Tablo not having any support on weekends. I have several scheduled recording and most likely miss an NFL game.

The positive news is Tablo support is excellent (when they are available). The customer service refunded me on a subscription issue.

When you have many customers relying on Tablo DVR performing correctly, some type of technical support has to be available 7x24.

So as a work around, I attached my antenna back to the TV. Didn’t get as many channels and of course no recording of shows.

Tablo is a big player in the cord cutting revolution, so please these issues corrected.



Quality 24/7 support adds a lot of cost to a business. I’d rather have limited quality support vs. ‘Apu from the Quickie Mart’ style that a lot of companies have gone to. When I’ve reluctantly had to use those systems, invariably, I end up with some clueless idiot who is just reading from a script.

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Thanks for your response. I agree with all your thoughts, but once you sell a product you should have some type of technical support. It’s one thing waiting overnight to speak to someone, but not an entire weekend.

Your football games should still record even though you can’t watch them at the moment. When your devices see your Tablo you recordings should show up. I know you probably wanted to watch them live. If you tv is hooked up to your antenna you should be able to watch them.

I will tell you what I have seen and this will be based on using one Roku. It may apply to other apps on other devices.

You might be just playing Live TV or a recording (on a Roku which uses restfulapi).

Out of the blue in the upper left hand corner of the screen you notice the reconnecting message and wheel of death. But for Roku it doesn’t reconnect and/or timeout.

If you observe the tablo unit it is not rebooting. You try to use WEB browser HTML on a PC and/or Fire TV stick. The tablo discovery does not find any tablo units and displays the tablo not found message. Not matter how many times you retry.

If as you use WEB to retry the search, you reboot the Roku everything works - magic.

Now some would say this is a router problem and rebooting the problem “fixes” the problem. In the case described above that is BS. Rebooting the router forces a connection reset on all TCP virtual circuits.

One has to ask why the tablo itself is holding on to so many virtual circuits when only one device was in use and why rebooting that one device makes discovery work on all other devices.

Update on Tablo DVR not found.

Thanks all that replied with suggestions.

I took Tablo unit and plugged directly into router. It’s was recognized by all devices.

The down side, is the location of my router limits discoverable channels by my antenna.

Oh well at least I have all of my recordings.

Ah, the Tablo was wirelessly connecting to the router.
What wireless protocol was it using:
g @ 2.4GHz
n @ 2.4GHz - My Tablo disappears off the network every day using this one.
n @ 5.0Ghz

Limiting the router’s 2.4GHz frequency wireless network mode to use only wireless-g fixed my problem.

What router were you using that had a solid “g” signal and less-reliable “n” signal on the low band? I am experiencing “not found” conditions now, using a TP-Link Powerline scheme and I am experiencing the same thing.

ASUS RT-N66U with shibby mod Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-140 K26 USB AIO-64K

The Tablo 2 tuner is the only network device having issues with wireless-n @ 2.4GHz.
The Tablo doesn’t crash, nor hang.
It’ll work for the whole day, and then the next day, the Tablo just cannot be found on the network, until it is rebooted, or until the router’s wireless network mode for 2.4GHz frequency is set to only wireless-g.
Switching the router’s wireless network mode for 2.4GHz frequency to only wireless-g makes the Tablo magically appear on the network, like nothing was wrong.

We still use “g”… I mean, maybe as ISP 200mbit and above becomes more popular, you might need something better… and maybe if you’re doing a lot of internal networking at very high speed, but generally speaking, I’ve never needed more than 50mbit on the internal network… YMMV.

Maybe what I should be asking is how many people need ultra-high speed WiFi and could explain what for? Just curious.

Shoot, my laser printer is still 10mbit.

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Here’s a snipit from:

" As an example, if your network router is rated at 54 Mbps (802.11a /802.11g), the maximum theoretical transmitted throughput is 1/2 of the maximum bi-directional throughput or 27 Mbps. Due to other factors such as the protocol overhead, the actual bandwidth achieved will be even less. An 802.11a or 802.11g wireless network generally run no faster than ~20 Mbps excluding other factors that attenuate signal strength and bandwidth"

802.11g, a.k.a. wireless-g, actual download thruput speed maxes out around 20Mbps, not the 54Mbps a lot of people think.

Noting that a lot of people’s “g” exceeds normal “g”.

I am having this problem as well. New to Tablo, have had it up and running about a week and have had two instances of it not being found. On the first one I had to hard reset it and do everything over. This morning, my wife sent me a picture of the TV with the “Not Found” error on the Roku. Our wireless is normally rock solid, I use the Eero mesh routers and in both cases, other streaming services work fine. I’m at work now, but I can connect to my network and see that the Tablo is connected via wifi. Because of locations and other needs, physically wiring the Tablo to the router is not possible. I have really liked the Tablo when it works, but it needs to be reliable, otherwise I’m taking it back to the store.