Tablo-duel ip address

My Tablo-duel is connected by wi-fi to my U-Verse 5268ac router. Had remote access working for a long time and rebooted the router for other reasons and Tablo got assigned a different ip address. I had reserved for it in the router and create the pinholes for remote access.
Does anybody know how to assign a MAC address to an IP address in this router?

You have to do that on your DHCP server. There should be a way to map a MAC address to an IP address.

The only DHCP server is the one built into the router.

Right that is pretty much the usual configuration. Which is where you need to map the tablo MAC address to the IP address you want to use.

I dont have one of these routers so I cannot verify this info but does this help.

If not maybe send a note to whomever you get support for your router.

I think that is if you are using a wired connection.
My Tablo uses Wi-Fi.

This is problem everytime there’s power failure.
I think wi-fi addresses are handed out on a first come first allocation by the 5268.
Need a way for the Tablo to get the same ip address every time or be force with going thru the opening of ports, which is a pain.

You could buy a new router and put the 5268 in bridge mode/modem only mode (whatever it’s called). :man_shrugging:

ATT’s gateways can be real finicky. That’s why I use a router for my home network and put my ATT gateway into bridge mode. I have my netgear router handle all my DHCP reservations, ports, etc.

I don’t think I’ll go to that extreme.
There must be a way because some games require ports to open for them.

Page 20 of the PDF below tells you how to assign a specific IP address to a device on your modem.

Looks like I had already did that and something changed and grabbed that ip address when I rebooted. Problem is you can’t map it to a mac address so it survives over reboots.

I recently added a TP-Link repeater and I think it grabbed the previous address. Seems their cell phone has some way of reserving a address and not using DHCP according to the information in the router.

The way this feature works is it does assign a specific IP address to a specific MAC address. Yes you can’t manually specify the MAC address, but it should work so the same IP address is assigned to the MAC address after each reboot.

Your problem might be the WiFi repeater. Remove the repeater. Factory reset your modem and configure everything from the beginning.

Also some WiFi repeaters have an Ethernet port, did you plug the Tablo into the WiFi repeater via an Ethernet cable? I only ask cause the MAC address for the Tablo’s Ethernet port and WiFi are different. Since they are not the same, they will get assigned different IP addresses.

The Tablo is strictly wi-fi.
I have remote working on new ip address. But a pain in the a**. If I hadn’t worked in IT are for 40+ years i probably couldn’t have accomplished it.

Tablo for remote access is definiately not a consumer gade product when it comes to remote access.