Tablo Dual OTA Review

I received from Amazon around 1:00 yesterday and had it set up and recording by 5:00. Used my Mac for setup and added Tablo apps on Roku sticks, Samsung Smart TV and iPhone. My main initial complaint was not being able to reorder the channels on the guide but quickly realized I would never watch most of the 50 channels I picked up. I am now down to the main networks and few others so can see the entire guide on one screen. No resorting channels would be a problem if you have a not of channels.

Happy I ignored those 1 star reviews on Amazon.


Reordering of the channel order has been a feature request before, maybe one day. But the order at least has some logic with it being in numerical order.

1 star reviews are likely people with no technical knowledge and also unwilling to reach out for help, Karens of the OTA world lol

I receive 56 channels in my neck of the woods. But I only have the ones I (could potentially) record from in the guide, 29 of them. I’m sure it helps performance and reduces the time it takes to sync and do guide updates. I could probably remove a few more from the guide but performance is good and we mostly use Roku’s so syncing isn’t an issue. We use the TV’s native tuners for all live TV viewing.

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I wish I could send mine back. I use the Quad now since it does not block access to external devices like the Dual HDMI does.

Lol after all that you still bought another Tablo product to support a company you accuse of defrauding you?

You had 30 days to properly research and test the product, if you can’t return it, that’s on you. No one else.


You are absolutely correct! I’ve been refraining responding to the trolling spam and have not intent to defend…

They likely wouldn’t have known the alleged defraud, :rofl: more specifically, misunderstanding (at best) until their 30 day trial expired and could no long access the access the advanced features they’ve come to enjoy.

In a turn of events, although the $5/month was viewed as outrageous! Apparently an additional $200 for a Tablo Quad was acceptable :neutral_face: ?