Tablo Dual OTA Channel Selection

I have just activated my device and pleased so far but have one question? Can you go direct to a channel with a keypad. With my antenna I could type in 9 and go direct to that channel. Since it seems you can’t set the order of channels in the guide that would be a nice feature.


Your question is a bit vague and ambitious…

Tablo works with a variety of app/devices - Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo …and you didn’t say what you’re using, it may also vary if you have an HDMI TV connected tablo as well. From my perspective, using the web app via a PC, I’d say just point & click.

“With my antenna” huh? A tablo uses an antenna, but not like a joystick for channel selection :poop:

Rearranging channels or changing the order is a long-ago request, either they’re looking into it, or decided, for unknown reasons, not to take that path.

I was using an antenna direct into my tv’s before I installed the Tablo. In that case I could just type in a channel and go direct to that station. This was with both a smart tv and regular older model.