Tablo dual loses wired etherent (link is up, but can't get to it, can't even ping it)

My brand new Table dual works “ok” when it works (lots of bugs), but every once an awhile (often) it looses network… the link light is on, but you can’t ping it until you reboot (hard reboot) the Tablo.  My Tablo is wired directly to my U-verse 2wire router.  I don’t see this behavior from any other device on the network.

Does it have a static IP or are u allowing uverse gateway to passing via DHCP? If DHCP try giving the Tablo a static address and see I’d things improve.

PiX64 How do you give it a static address?

@DoveMan you can have your router assign a specific IP based on MAC address.   This would give it a “static” IP.

Just letting everyone know… I RMA’d the Tablo, my new one is working just fine.

@cjcox Glad to hear you’re up and running :slight_smile: