Tablo DUAL LITE under Linux Mint---could really use this!

Does anyone know or are aware of using the Tablo (pref DUAL LITE) under Linux Mint and have it show up in the channels under Plex? I combed the forum, but this combination doesn’t seemed to be mentioned. I read somewhere the Tablo firmware is running Linux, so I would assume it will be recognized with a computer running Linux Mint? Is that correct? So if its recognized, is there a way to have it show up in the Plex app as a channel? Seems to be a very grey area, but I hope its possible as Linux is an outstanding os, an Plex works quite well on it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Having the ability to watch my local OTA tv channels remotely would be fabulous. If this is possible I would order the Tablo DUAL LITE immediately. Thank you!!

You can watch OTA remotely with the Tablo. But it uses its own app on a smartphone, tablet or streaming device such as Fire TV, and uses the Chrome browser on a computer.

There is a plex plugin for Tablo or vice versa. It may or may not work. Search the forum for more info. It’s in there somewhere.