Tablo Dual Lite Set up Help

Just purchased dual lite. Want to use via fire cube. Have everything connected. But it is not finding channels or saying error.

Can someone help?

I’ve never seen that error message before.

Is it complaining about the channels or is complaining about the 5 digit zip code?

That comes up after I enter zip code

Could it be anything to do with me using Google Fiber?

I try to do the first time set up via Android phone insert USB drive format it etc… I connect to tablo wireless… But then after a while I get a “error in connecting message, try again later”

This appears after location is automatically found trying with Android phone…

With Android TV the error in location screen appears

I don’t see android tv in the list for initial setup.

You just need to verify coax connection, check any number of sites, such as, to see what stations you should receive and what type of antenna is needed.

Quick set up guide states you can connect via Ethernet and skip WiFi set up, so I did that. I also hard reset and did it via app/first time set up. Still no luck.

To troubleshoot I connected the antenna to a tv through its coax in another room and it found almost 40 channels. Which is correct for the location I am in.

You may want to connect a TV to the coax that is currently connected to the Tablo (or move the Tablo to the room where you can see 40 channels.) When we moved into the current house, some rooms had dead coax adapters. Tracing it back, some were hooked to the connection for Cable provider “C” and others were hooked to Cable provider “F”. One, and only one was hooked to the antenna which was connected to the only TV the previous owners used. Both previous cable providers had been long disconnected.

When I connect the tv I have the tablo set up via coax I get the 40 channels.

When I take the coax out of tv and connect to tablo it didn’t find anything

Please help…

What zip code are you using during setup? May want to try a nearby zip code. You may also want to check the F59 connector on the coax coming to the Tablo. The center conductor may be too short and not making contact with the female side on the Tablo.

If neither of these steps work, drop a note to Tablo Tech Support. Its possible that your coax connector broke inside the box. Its rare, but there have been a couple of instances reported on this board.

I believe you’re in touch with our support team now, correct? I’m sure we’ll have this resolved shortly. Thanks for your patience and for working with us.

I was. But not resolved unfortunately.

Our team has escalated your case and we’ve sent you a note - based on what we can tell, this appears to be a network issue. We’ve sent you some next steps to hopefully get this resolved.

This is the third day now. As I said I have 20 devices in the house that connect flawlessly upon set up to the Google Fiber box.

Based off of what our team has been able to confirm, your unit isn’t able to leave your network due to some kind of DNS error (or potentially due to some kind of network configuration). This would not necessarily impact all of the devices on your network. If you’d like to continue working with our team to get to the bottom of the failure, we’re happy to help.

David got the box set up!! I was able to connect and locate all of the local channels.

I use fire tv cube. I am experiencing major buffereng on Ethernet and wireless. Constant loading screens which then says timeout video playback, very again.

I even have it still on the 720 reccomended .

What hard drive are you using?

Does it buffer with Live TV? If yes, one thing you could try is to run the Tablo with no hard drive. If the buffering stops when watching Live TV then it could point to a HD or USB cable issue. You obviously won’t be able to record anything, but it’s easy to try. If it appears to be the hard drive you could also check for a HD firmware update.

A USB plug in 3.0